Digital IP Video Doorbell Phone for Single Building Two Way Audio Apartment Intercom APP IC Card Indoor Monitor Password Unlock Door Phone Mobile Remote Control VF-BI01

Name: Tuya Smart IP Video Doorbell Phone for Single Building Two Way Audio Apartment Intercom 2MP HD Camera APP IC Card Indoor Monitor Password Various Unlock Methods Digital IP Door Phone Mobile Phone Remote Control

Model: VF-BI01

Brand: VinFine

★ Features:

◆ Support APP, IC card, Indoor monitor, Password unlock
◆ Monitor: even if you go out also can check the monitor for information about the visitors
◆ Two way video intercom, can talk and see visitor
◆ Multiple Users: can be used by 20 app users (each home) at the same time, all of the family can view on the APP
◆ Indoor monitor call to other indoor monitor
◆ Support max 1 outdoor station and 240 indoor monitors in one building
◆ Support max 2000 IC cards
◆ Support 1 public password
◆ Support 1 secondary outdoor doorbell and 4 indoor monitors for each room
◆ Support multiple language
◆ Support 48V POE
◆ Support two way voice/ video intercom
◆ Remote video surveillance
◆ Remote take pictures
◆ Remote Unlock: Check the visitor to confirm safety and press the unlock button to unlock with one button, open the door whenever and wherever by APP, so you don't have to go downstairs to open the door in a hurry
◆ Remote push message and alarm
◆ Automatic snapshot/video: take pictures immediately when someone is detected, store video, network connection, 24 hours automatic sensing of abnormalities, day and night monitoring and guarding your home, so you don't need to worry
◆ Motion Detection: WiFi connection, 24 hours automatic detection of abnormalities and automatic snapshot, video recording(need to be equipped with storage devices), and at the same time, push abnormal messages to the mobile phone to remind at all times
◆ Night Vision: IR cut no color deviation, you can also see the visitor's face at night
◆ Network: Indoor monitor connect 2.4G WiFi 802.11b/g/n or wired network
◆ Waterproof and dustproof: special shell, double protection, prevent dust and rain enters the doorbell machine, anti jamming signal.
◆ Suitable for multiple doors, multiple rooms, multiple floors, duplex buildings apartment and villa.
Support max 1 outdoor station to 240 indoor monitors
◆ Easy Installation

★ Specification:

◆ Network: Indoor monitor connect 2.4G WiFi 802.11b/g/n or wired network
◆ Power Adapter: DC12V or power by connect 48V POE
◆ Unlock Methods: Tuya APP, IC Card, Indoor Monitor, Public password unlock
◆ Indoor Monitor: 7 inch or 10.1 inch is optional
◆ Multiple Users: 20 app users (each home)
◆ Public Password: 1
◆ IC Card: Max 2000
◆ Function: Full duplex talk, Take photo, Take video, Unlock
◆ Night Vision: IR CUT no color deviation, B/W night vision
◆ Alarm Message: Push picture to APP when motion detection or call
◆ Playback: Video recording after the call or motion detection
◆ External Memory: Micro SD card up to 128GB
◆ Resolution: 2 Mega pixels
◆ View Angle: 140 Horizontal angle
◆ Third-Party Voice Services: Amazon echo, Google Home, SmartThings
◆ APP Name: "Tuya Smart" or "Smart Life"

Application Area:
Villa, Apartment, Building, Hotel, Office, Residence...

Product Pictures:

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